March 27, 2016


Listening to sound, what's in the middle?  When we emphasize emptiness there may be nothing in-between.  There are formless letters and vowels on the way, how do we arrange them?

Academic understudies tend to misconceive based on the unknown.  Mysterious being have roamed this part of the galaxy for a very long time, indeed.  Surely they've left something behind for us to understand, or maybe they are us, and we simply don't understand their unique language?

Some say they speak with telepathy, yet how would we understand if we weren't already part of something larger?  Something bigger than our lone sense of self and idle thought process.  It would take something bigger to waken us from our slumber, our sleep and mindless apathy towards life itself.

I could sit here and tell you about the mysteries of life, but the Greys won't allow it.  I can't reveal what I don't understand, and I admittedly don't understand it all.  There are scattered pieces across the ocean, across this galaxy of ours, that we don't fully understand, here on Earth, although are important elsewhere.  I can go back to the time of the Sphinx, which is often asked about, although it is a Guardian of another world.  We look towards Mars, and mars back to me, and often wonder why; well the least expensive scientific tool often works best, and it's always the written word.

There's magic in this moment, can you feel it?