Learning to Listen

This is where I thank Google for all of their hard work with the Blogspot.  I realize for non-coders like myself this is probably a huge step forward in their design aspect, as it more closely competes with that of Wordpress, and probably other notable service providers in the blogosphere.  It's taken awhile for me, personally, to get to the point where I'm willing to share what's going on in my mind, and Blogger provides the perfect tool to do that with.  It's even on par with staring a business from, again with more customization available and with more user-friendly content being laid out, contemplated upon, and developed for the end user.

These are tools for awakening and shouldn't be confused with the actual process thereof.  Sure, there are quicker ways to achieve enlightenment, if that's what you're looking for, but the process never ends and is intrinsically tied to the creative process itself.  There are no shortcuts with this, as in the tech world, and there are no shortcuts with bridging this wisdom into your daily life.  It takes work, self-cultivation, and at least a sense of curiosity with the bigger realm of consciousness at hand.  I've known people, or better said, known of people that expect a quick path to waking up, and it doesn't work like that.  You can spontaneously awaken, if that's your karma and your deeper sense of understanding in the world, but for the most part it takes work.  It also can't serve as a carbon copy of something else you've seen online; it's original, it's thought-provoking and it provides a tool for the end user to remind themselves that life is worth showing up for.  Life is worth living.

Content is one of those thing that I've been slow to provide.  This is a prophetic experience for me is the sense that I see as I go.  I never know how something is going to manifest until I see it directly online.  It's literally see as you go and with that most of the written content has been slow to the surface.  So you see an empty blank spot and that leaves people wondering why it's even published.  It's how I see, it's how I write and I know it to be a bad habit.  Who wouldn't want their content finished before publishing online?  Bad habit.  I know.  Bad habits can change with time.  Bad habits can change with a schedule.  Bad habits can change with even the slightest of structure in one's life.  Enough of bad habits though, quality content is key to the sound itself.  All of this is based on sacred sound, and not just any sound, not as if that sound were to be universal in its nature, but my sound.  The sound of science, sound of healing and the sound of thought-provoking content to enrich your lives.  This is a subtractive process, so we add to, in order to take away.  To think of all my blogs as hand built, specific to the syllabic on site, is something I've been working with for several years now.  They're all low-key as they sit now, but with further customization, site-specific creativity, and business-orientated inspiration who knows where they'll lead?


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