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Comments, Drop Downs and Jobs' Job

What a wonderful blue to look at.  Blue is one of those colors that really strikes you.  It's really grounding and can help center even the most scattered of energies.  That's not to say that blue isn't complimented by other colors, and as I pull out my handy color wheel, I can't help but think of the color grey.  That's grey with an 'e' as opposed to gray with an 'a'.  I usually go for the e unless otherwise noted.

People want to know about aliens, too.  How they work, where they come from and how they've influenced our lives here on Earth.  I can't say that I know every thing, but they're there.  They're here on earth, walking among us, and they're deep inside the sea, doing those things that sea-faring space aliens do.  People also want to know how they communicate and I can tell you from experience that a lot of the time it's telepathy.  The funny thing is, about mind-to-mind communication, is that it remains unwritten.  …