Comments, Drop Downs and Jobs' Job

What a wonderful blue to look at.  Blue is one of those colors that really strikes you.  It's really grounding and can help center even the most scattered of energies.  That's not to say that blue isn't complimented by other colors, and as I pull out my handy color wheel, I can't help but think of the color grey.  That's grey with an 'e' as opposed to gray with an 'a'.  I usually go for the e unless otherwise noted.

People want to know about aliens, too.  How they work, where they come from and how they've influenced our lives here on Earth.  I can't say that I know every thing, but they're there.  They're here on earth, walking among us, and they're deep inside the sea, doing those things that sea-faring space aliens do.  People also want to know how they communicate and I can tell you from experience that a lot of the time it's telepathy.  The funny thing is, about mind-to-mind communication, is that it remains unwritten.  It's not necessarily something you write about as much as it is something you perceive.  You can hear with your mind's eye and you can see with an open heart and as we're playing with chakras online, please remember that one thing does not necessarily lead to another.  That means my throat may be closer to your heart, or your heart could be at a place closer to my brow.  I can't say your perception is the same as mine, and while we work online, it's easy to go off-track by assuming they're the same for every individual.

If we were in person, sure, but since the internet both separates us, and conjoins us, we need to use the device as a reflective material, more than coming from an engineering standpoint.  Healing online could be a wonderful thing, if all people were coming from the same place, but since we're all unique individuals, with unique perceptions of the world, including our bodies, we will have to find common ground with these techniques and modalities before launching them into public usage.  For people newly awakened, these things tend to be some type of psychic candy, serving as the fun energetic medium from which to integrate and learn from.  For those of you with developed psychic abilities, it's easier to remind yourself of the concept from which you are perceiving.  If it is extra sensory perception, and it is, then what are we seeing, and why?

Some sort of mental projection, a Grey might say, some sort of self-created, and self-sustaining projection that is emanating from a place beyond our common knowledge.  This is one of the shortfalls of modern science, in my opinion, is that they can't explain the natural world with out some sort of spiritual influence, or perception beyond the ordinary self.  If we are multidimensional beings, and we are, then our world must be explained beyond any measured observation that science demands.  This would include medicine, the healing arts and the dream-like state we find ourselves in.


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