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Objective Subjection

That's it.  Sacred Word.  Sacred Word is the final answer for this tongue of mine.  A few years ago when I started working with the syllable it was less obvious.  It was more akin to answering this call of mine and upon my father's recommendation, he suggested we begin with the syllable.  This was before he passed, in 2016, and although he isn't here in flesh, he's on the other side in Spirit.  As in non-physical guidance and as hard as it is to believe he, and many other elder spirits, tend to visit us online in various forms.  This is one of the messages from 2008; keep everything online, even those written things that you'll have to edit and refine.  Sacred Syllable is one of those things that has taken some refinement and after having first passed it off as a game, decided to honor the ancestor's tongue and create this multidimensional syllabus entirely online.

I always wondered where the ancients learned their knowledge from.  Where their knowledge of the …