Objective Subjection

That's it.  Sacred Word.  Sacred Word is the final answer for this tongue of mine.  A few years ago when I started working with the syllable it was less obvious.  It was more akin to answering this call of mine and upon my father's recommendation, he suggested we begin with the syllable.  This was before he passed, in 2016, and although he isn't here in flesh, he's on the other side in Spirit.  As in non-physical guidance and as hard as it is to believe he, and many other elder spirits, tend to visit us online in various forms.  This is one of the messages from 2008; keep everything online, even those written things that you'll have to edit and refine.  Sacred Syllable is one of those things that has taken some refinement and after having first passed it off as a game, decided to honor the ancestor's tongue and create this multidimensional syllabus entirely online.

I always wondered where the ancients learned their knowledge from.  Where their knowledge of the stars and heaven came from; if you were to take a textbook, and squeeze out an answer, it may be along the lines of stone, and stone-matter.  That universal material that connects the entirety of all living things, here, on this earthly plane of ours.  Stone is universal in the sense that it's the plateau that we live upon, it's the place where we bury our dead, and, it's the place where we live our lives, from beginning to end.  If you were to look at Mars, you would see stone-matter.  You can't see how they got there, but you, like me, sense their abandonment of the Red Planet.  Maybe they are our human ancestors that traveled abroad, inter-dimensionally at first, then settled in later on.  Maybe they left in search of water, or love, or a more moderate place to raise their youth.  Whatever the case may be, the first peoples on this planet of ours communicated via stone-matter.  That's right, the stuff between your feet, and if it weren't stretched from one place, all the way to another, we'd have no knowledge of anything.  No knowledge of the stars, the water, the mountains behind us, and the heaven above.

Back to syllables and the sound of things, this is Maurizio.  Maurizio Nalli of Montreal, Quebec.  Actually, I think he's in Toronto now, yet when I was introduced to his work, he was in Montreal.  Well, a friend of a friend of a professional acquaintance introduced me to his work, and I've been a fan ever since.  It was used in a previous business endeavor about ten years ago, then again after that, and it appears that he hasn't released a lot in the last few years.  So I reached out to Maurizio of M-Seven fame and decided to ask him a few questions.   Yes, he still is making music and is, I believe this spring, mixing a final edit of an upcoming release.  That's about all I know about him right now, other than his work and other respon-sibilities took him away from making music, and that's all we need to know.  His music is fantastic and most closely resembles the work I'm coming from.  The music I'm coming from and the vibe that has influenced a majority of the work I do online.  He's just been introduced to the syllabic of things, the sound of a modern tongue, and that tongues resonates in English.  I'm sure he's a French speaker, or a Québécois for those of you wondering, as I quietly reminded him that it may sound differently, or it may spin a different song, when it is coming from a different tongue.  This is the Sacred Syllable, and as I have yet to test it with non-native speakers, I can only ponder if persons with a different mother (tongue) may perceive a different sound, and hence, a different word.  Sometimes we contract, sometimes we relax, and sometimes we counter-intuitively know the answer to a word that resides in our memory banks.  Even if a person were bilinguial a different sound may emerge.


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