Sacred Syllable

The Sacred Syllable is the home to web-based sacred sound that is intended for use in the creation of sacred space and for use with your bodywork practice.

A bodywork practice is loosely defined as one that includes the use of alternative therapies that are intended to improves the lives, and well-being, of those that receive it with integrity.  A few examples of modern bodywork techniques include the application and use of hands-on therapies and can involve the use of breath work, energy medicine, and shamanic healing intentions, among others.

The Sacred Syllable can be used in an intelligent manner to facilitate the creation of sacred space.  Although in its infancy, this ancient tongue is capable of producing web-based sacred sound that can penetrate the linear aspects of your mental body, that when combined with a heart-centered approach towards listening, becomes an intuitive-feeling process that requires only an internet connection to access its wisdom.

The Sacred Syllable is free to use, although you're encouraged to support these musical artists if you've found their contributions to be meaningful and beneficial in your own spiritual practice.