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Learning to Listen

Listening as Spiritual Practice

The Sacred Syllable is designed to help your spiritual practice.  By engaging an open heart with a clear mind we are better able to align our higher selves, with the needs of our daily lives.

In order to develop active listening skills we must first learn to quiet our minds, quiet our spirit, and quiet our bodily flesh.  This takes practice, and practice requires discipline and consistency to achieve any type of change in our daily lives.  Our lives cannot change if we cannot change with it.

Sink into stillness.  Quiet your mind with meditation.

Return to your breathing, letting all thoughts pass through you.

When you find yourself clinging, return to your breath.

Feel your chest rise, and fall, with each passing moment.

Return to your breath knowing that stillness will sink you deeper.

Listen.  Choose.  Find yourself awakening to a path that is unique to your own circumstances.

What comes to us from the unknown is often unutterable, hence, the Sacred Syllable.  A tongue of its own doing that will help you center, and choose, accordingly.  Choose for yourself.  No one can walk this path for you and in a world full of mirrors, copycats, and scapegoats it's easy to get lost.



This is the Sacred Syllable.  It's a definite piece of architecture that bridges the physical and non-physical aspects of humanity with its unique awakening process.  We explore words.  We enjoy their linguistic application.  We apply it to the web, and listen for results.  We apply it to our spiritual life and begin to choose from a centered place of being.  The world buzzes around us, and we remain centered, knowing the clever hand of Spirit is at play.